In early 2012, the makers of London's Chelsea Monthly simultaneously launched New York MonthlyLos Angeles Monthly, and Chicago Monthly. I was brought on as an intern—functioning, for all intents and purposes, as the Chicago branch's primary music writer. I wrote daily news articles, profiles, and album reviews. I covered Lollapalooza and interviewed musicians of both local and international recognition. All in all, it was a tremendously successful experience, both personally and professionally. However, the expansion unfortunately failed and the website has since been shut down.

Below are PDFs to my coverage of Lollapalooza and a short feature on Chicago's Volcanoes Make Islands—the only articles I was mindful enough to save. (Note to self: Save your work. Websites are not forever.)

Lollapalooza Day One: Delays, Chaos, & The Black Keys, August 5, 2012

Volcanoes Make Islands Hard at Work on Debut Album, May 19, 2012.