My running journey started during my senior year of college. After playing team sports my entire life, I hung up the cleats and spent the first three years of school relatively book-bound and immobile. Come senior year, though, I was feeling out of sorts—something was missing. A few of my closest friends were lifelong runners and I was inspired to give it a try. Almost overnight, my eyes were opened to the awesome power of the daily run.

The next two years after college were spent moving from city to city for my career. With each new move came a new town to explore, new runners to meet, farther distances to run. After subsequent moves to Denver and Santa Barbara, I was introduced to the world of trail and ultra running as well. It wasn’t until 2015—a full three years after I began running—that I first decided to race. Hey, that’s what people who run do, right? I raced not because I wanted a medal, but because it was a natural expression of the daily practice with which I had fallen in love. While I’ve since caught the racing bug, my passion for running still comes from that same place: to satisfy a curiosity, to explore my surroundings and my limits, to become a better version of myself.


When I began running, my enthusiasm got the best of me and training was done in fits and starts, sidelined by nagging injuries and bouts of exhaustion. But through research, trial and error, consistent reflection and improvement, and the guidance of a few incredible coaches, I learned how to train sustainably and successfully. (Being the fitness editor at Outside magazine for two years and picking the brains of the world’s smartest researchers didn’t hurt either.) Now I help athletes of all sorts—from elites to beginners, road warriors to mountain runners—do the same: cultivate a healthy, positive mindset and become stronger, quicker, more confident runners. I have the unique perspective of someone who went from a relative novice to a competitive ultrarunner in a few years; I bring the breadth of this knowledge and experience to every relationship. There is no one-size-fits-all formula and I work with athletes individually, taking into account goals, experience, and lifestyle.

Running isn’t the most important thing in the world, but when done well for the right reasons and in concert with the rest of your life, it has a way of making everything better. I’m here to help you achieve that—and hopefully race a bit faster in the process.


Customized plans, daily check-ins, nutrition and race-day design.

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